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Instant Heater Replacement Bulb

  • 1.8m Tall Floor Stand

  • Easily relocate the Instant Heater 

  • Indoor & outdoor in rain, wind or snow!

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About The Replacement Bulb

The secret to the Instant Heater is it’s powerful carbon fibre bulb delivering powerful direct heat right when you need it. But what is an accident happens and your break the bulb? Don’t despair as we have replacement bulbs available.

Unlike standard outdoor heaters that take forever to warm up and can cost you a fortune in gas, the Instant Heater is 100% weatherproof with an IPX4 All Weather safety rating, so it's not affected by rain or wind.

See why people love the Instant Heater

"It was heaps better than I thought it would be. I absolutely love and I have friends that are envious and are talking about getting one."

Sue Frankton

"I bought 2 of these heaters and they are great, instant heat directed at you. They warm the room quickly, have yet to use 1 outside but cant wait to try it out."

Vicki Keller

Feel the Warmth of Sunshine with the Instant Heater

  • Carbon-Fibre Direct Heat Technology

  • A ~$3.00/h* saving over gas heaters!

  • Indoor & outdoor in rain, wind or snow!

For instant, low cost heat, call us today to order the Instant Heater & Stand